The bill is now in Thomas, if you care to search for it.  Interestingly, Congressman Patrick Murphy has signed on as a cosponsor.  Makes you wonder why he was unwilling to sign on to the congressional amicus brief to help overturn DC’s law at the Supreme Court.  Sorry, but if Congressman Murphy is only going to be a friend of gun owners close to election time, and spend the rest of the session screwing us, that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it?

I am willing to accept that perhaps the Congressman has realized he has erred in his position on second amendment rights, and has now seen the light.  If it’s a true turnaround, I welcome it.  But color me skeptical.

7 thoughts on “H.R.6691”

  1. I went to Thomas and searched for HR 6691, and it said the bill was not yet entered. It seems to only go up to 6678 right now.

  2. Look,

    You should be flattered! All these gun grabbers now have to Cover their asses! Look, the Democrats are scared. This move is a sign of weakness amongst the gun grabber ranks. The best thing you can do is forward this to Brady Campaign and gloat! Remember they did give him money and now look at him!


  3. I spoke with Bitter about ways to get time with Murphy the next couple of weeks while he’s in town.

    Might be interesting if you can ask him some questions, what with it being an election year and all. You should also ask what PAC event that Brady was at when he received their $1000 and most importantly who else was in attendance at it.

    I suspect someone or something had a luncheon fundraiser with him. In and of itself, a $1000 PAC contribution is pretty meaningless, the fact that he’s on 1022 is meaningful though. Would be interesting to see if he got it before or after he signed on. And if it was just a catch all lunch with a hodgepodge of folks, or if this is something that was actually put on by Brady or some other bigot group.

  4. He’s a politician. You can’t trust him unless you have his heart and his balls in a jar in your safe. And are doing some serious mojo on his zombie body, yerself.

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