We Stand for Rights We Like

Tom King, President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, and NRA Board Member, asks about whether the ACLU has been in regards to a man who was disarmed by the police for communicating with Representative McCarthy about his displeasure at her support for gun control.   The comments have a few people on the left demonstrating they are all about outrage when rights they approve of are violated, but not so much when it’s Second Amendment rights.  I mentioned in the comments:

Congressional Offices deal with people who have weird and unusual ideas all the time. They deal with the old guys that don’t have anything better to do than call their representative’s office any time they want to bitch about something. This is par for the course for a Congress Critter.

It’s one of those, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” I don’t care how much of a pain in the ass this guy was being to McCarthy’s office. It’s par for the course. You don’t send to police over to his house to violate his constitutional rights because he makes your life difficult. If they believe the man is mentally off balance, there is due process for determining such a thing. Police don’t get to unilaterally decide someone is a threat and strip them of their second amendment rights.

If he made a threat to Congresswoman McCarthy, then I want to know why charges haven’t been filed?  Threats are unlawful.  Communicating with your representative is not, even if those communications annoy them.

One Response to “We Stand for Rights We Like”

  1. tjbbpgob says:

    Good thing my Congresscritters have thick skins as I lambast them all the time. Course all three are republicans, well two of them are and three claim to be, but on the other hand I give them praise when I think they’ve done whats required by the Constitution.