GBR Blogging

Blogging might be kind of sporadic while I’m at the GBR. Brad and Ahab should still have posting rights. If they want to put up a few things I shan’t complain.

As always while at the GBR, I will be on Skype while we’re gathered as a group. My Skype name is “snowflakesinhell”.  Skype is free, and it can be downloaded at

3 Responses to “GBR Blogging”

  1. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    And I don’t have to pay money to the Skype powers for this?

  2. thirdpower says:

    It’s a free download and free when you’re using it Skype to Skype. Going Skype to phone goes off a debit system.

    Not horrible so far.

  3. gattsuru says:

    It does have a bandwidth cost, though; Skype users that aren’t behind a firewall/NAT act as transversal servers for those that are behind firewalls/NATs. Most people don’t notice this, and most of those that notice don’t mind, but a lotta folk get nervous about that sorta stuff.