Evanston Effectively Drops Gun Ban

Evanston, IL has modified its gun ban to be in line with the Heller ruling:

The National Rifle Association sued Evanston and other Illinois communities with gun bans after the court ruled in June that a gun ban in Washington, D.C., is unconstitutional.

In response the city’s legal staff drafted a new ordinance that would let most residents keep guns in their homes, but ban possession of most guns by minors and of all guns by narcotics addicts, mental patients, the mentally retarded and persons under 21 years of age with criminal records.

That’s probably good enough to get the lawsuit dropped.  Hat tip to Carl in Chicago.

5 Responses to “Evanston Effectively Drops Gun Ban”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    Police Chief Richard Eddington said he would recommend against establishing a local registration program for firearms owners. He said the cost of the program couldn’t be justified under the city’s tight budget

    Nothing about it being unconstitutional or a bad idea, just expensive.

    It’s nice to know that abrogation of freedom is dependent on the price tag.

    This is what we fight. It’s not just guns, but the whole mindset that as long as it can be paid for, no government program is too big or too intrusive.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Well, if it wasn’t for money, none of the Chicago suburbs would have repealed their bans. The only reason they did it is because they didn’t want to fight expensive lawsuits.

  3. ATL says:

    “Well, if it wasn’t for money, none of the Chicago suburbs would have repealed their bans. The only reason they did it is because they didn’t want to fight expensive lawsuits.”

    Exactly, these people are not believers in our rights to begin with so the only thing they understand is PAIN. There is no bigger pain to a bureaucratic douche bag than an extensive lawsuit that will suck money out them like an enema. Remember guys, these people didn’t just wake up after the Heller decision and start believing in the second amendment. They are still the same scum sucking gun grabbing Stalinists that were there before the ban. It should be shown them in no uncertain terms that if they want to oppose our rights they will suffer greatly for doing so.

    If they will not give us our rights, we will beat it out of them in court!

  4. Jim W says:

    He may be on our side and he is just selling them the “no registration” policy in a language they can relate to. After all, the people who believe that such a policy is per se wrong are already going to vote against it. This is an appeal to any fence sitters.

  5. W.P.Z. says:

    Evanston Police Chief Rich Eddington is personally known to me.
    I would hate to expose him as gun person and compromise his job, but rest assured, if we wanted to infiltrate one of the most anti-gun places in the country with a gun person, it would be hard to pick a better choice.
    Eddington was hired for his extraordinary acumen as a problem-solver for troubled police departments. That he is exceptionally knowledgeable about guns and gun law is all to the better, for us and for sensible people in general.
    That Evanston went all common-sense while being advised by their police chief is not much of a coincidence, I think it’s safe to say.