More Heller Dominoes

Looks like we can expect a few more communities around Chicago to join Wilmette and Morton Grove:

But Wilmette threw in the towel earlier this week. Evanston plans to repeal its ban Monday, and so does the village of Morton Grove, which passed the first ban in the country 27 years ago.

We look forward to Evanston rejoining these United States.  Welcome back.  But this is an interesting development:

The city of Chicago is modifying its ban on handguns slightly but maintaining the teeth in the ordinance as the Daley administration prepares to fight the gun lobby all the way back to the Supreme Court. And they’ll be joined by the village of Oak Park, which appears to be the only suburb that’s not throwing in the towel, despite the Supreme Court ruling and the potential legal bills.

I’m wondering what “modifications” Daley is planning to make.  No doubt he wants to differentiate his ban from Washington DCs to make it a bit harder for us.  I thought he said that was out earlier in the week, but I guess it’s back in.

3 thoughts on “More Heller Dominoes”

  1. Are there that many weak people in Chicago willing to put up with this non sense for a generation now? My brother-in-law moved to Chicago right out of college and stayed there until he had to move into an apartment–he was quite frail. When they told them he could not keep the guns in the apartment he sent them to me. There was just no way he could legally give them to his sons.

    So I passed them on to his nephews. Some of his rifles and one pistol went back to the Civil War. Damn shame. Daly must have gone to school in the Soviet Union or the Ivy League or such. My wife has family around Sullivan and Arthur, Illinois. They seem to live guns, especially bird guns. They do not seem to care much for Chicago or Cook County.

  2. I am repeatedly amused by people in high crime, corrupt cities who are hell-bent on maintaining and exporting their failed policies. Isn’t that akin to a homeless bum telling the rest of us how to manage our finances?

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