Wilmette Ends Handgun Ban

Last night, Wilmette, IL formally repealed its handgun ban rather than face lawsuits.

UPDATE: More here:

But admitted gun owner Joel Siegel said the National and Illinois State Rifle Associations were poised to file immediate suit if the repeal failed, and said any fight to save it would amount to  “beating a dead horse.”

He instead urged that Wilmette utilize NRA programs to train any child who wants gun training.

“Young people, when properly instructed, can be responsible and will not abuse a firearm,” he said.

Siegel, a retired teacher, said he came directly from a youth training session at a Kankakee firing range.

Joel Siegel, I wish there were a thousand more like you.  Five people showed up to offer opinions, and only one of them was a speaking for the pro-gun side?  Sometimes I think it’s a miracle our movement can accomplish anything.  I hope we can get a better turnout when Wilmette discusses The Legal Community Against Gun Violence’s proposed replacement.

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  1. Well, that’s good to hear. They finally showed some smarts. Now, will they actually honor the decision, or will they play the same stupid games that D.C. is playing?

  2. Considering that Wilmette was reacting to potential lawsuits, rather than any epiphany about what the Constitution actually says, one pro-gun voice was probably enough.

    Rally the troops when it’s necessary, such as for Chicago, who, like DC, are clearly going to resist as long as they can. People have limited time and gasoline, and if they are going to take time, have them do so for actual battles, and not the sort of legislative CYA that occurred here.

  3. Wilmette was the source of much scorn and sneering in Indiana a few years ago when an elderly man shot a burlar, and they tried to prosecute the home owner (they finally dropped the charges because they were getting so much negative press from the state next door).

  4. “admitted gun owner”

    Nope, no open display of bias there.

    And then –
    *Excuse Me While I Get My Gun*

    “Last month the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the District of Columbia had violated the Second Amendment by making armed self-defense in the home impractical and banning the most popular weapons used for that purpose.

    Last week the D.C. Council responded by unanimously approving a law that makes armed self-defense in the home impractical and bans the most popular weapons used for that purpose.”

  5. When Chicago is defeated in court, does anyone think the judges will be more specific to nip any Fentyism in the bud. For example enumurating what is legal and what is open to meddling?

    Anyone care to guess?

    Carl, I thought WBBM changed formats, or was there a second news station?

  6. A little more infomation. So there were 6 Illinois municipal governments that flat-out prohibited handgun ownership (Chicago, Oak Park, Winnetka, Evanston, Wilmette, and Morton Grove). The Wilmette ban is nationally famous for the Hale DeMar story, and Morton Grove is infamous for winning the challenge to their ban posed by Quilici (the city won in the Illinois Supreme Court). Now, these two have officially repealed their bans. No word yet if they will re-enact less strict regulations. Of the four remaining, three are the subjects of current lawsuits (excepting Winnetka). Evanston is “reconsidering” their ban, and word has it that Chicago is discussing these issues as well. They know the cases are about incorporation and these elitist municipalities in Illinois don’t want to loose “home rule powers” when it comes to gun control. Oak Park appears to remain stubborn and has stated that they will fight the lawsuit (this has appeared in the news, and I was told that by one of their city council members).

    The council member told me “This lawsuit represents the camel’s nose under the tent. If we give up the handgun ban without a fight, next they will want to own assault rifles, and carry concealed weapons!” In my response I remember including these words … “Yes, they might want those rights too, just like pretty much everywhere else in the United States. Imagine that. Yes, the camel’s nose might be under your tent, but the Supreme Court just made a nice comfortable bed for that camel, right in Oak Park.” It is clear to me (from my experience with Oak Parkers) that they consider themselves “special” or “unique.”

    This is all very interesting.

  7. PS:

    After years and years of bigotry and vilification, and the denail of good citizens their basic rights under the constitution … it is somewhat satisfying to see these bastards (IL gun control advocates) squirm over this Heller ruling and what it means.

    I’d give a lot to sit in on some Joyce Foundation BoD meetings …

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