Election Volunteer Coordinators

One of the things you can do with NRA is being an Election Volunteer Coordinator, or EVC.  If your district has no EVC, you should sign up.  It won’t take an ungodly amount of your time, and it’s a tremendous help.  The only way gun owners win is by winning elections; by working to defeat anti-gun politicians and replace them with pro-gun politicians.  It’s the meat and potatoes of the game.  Someone just signed up for the EVC slot in my (PA-08) congressional district.

I don’t know who that guy is, but I hear he has a really bitchin’ girlfriend, who has agreed to help him out with all the various EVC activities.  Why did this highly creative and smart individual decide to become an EVC?

You see, Congressman Patrick Murphy signed onto McCarthy’s assault weapons ban, HR1022.  That has consequences.  One consequence is that this new tall and handsome EVC will make sure every gun owner in in Bucks County, and there are a lot of us, have heard that they have a Congressman who likes to cosponsor gun bans in his spare time.

We may not unseat Patrick Murphy this time around.  We may not get him next time.  But if he continues to support gun control, we will defeat him… and his little dog too!

2 thoughts on “Election Volunteer Coordinators”

  1. Peterson didn’t sign onto it, and wouldn’t. He’s retiring (personal, not political reasons), so there is a Democrat and a Republican running for the seat, but the Democrat has already claimed to be pro-2A, and if he does get elected and knuckles under, it will be the end of his run in Congress.

    Gun control is political suicide in this district.

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