Does the NRA Get a Free Billboard Too?

Mom’s Against Guns are being given free billboards in Philadelphia:

The billboards come free from Clear Channel Outdoor Philadelphia and Interstate Outdoor Advertising, two locally based firms.

“We didn’t think a billboard was going to make a difference,” said Drew Katz, chief executive officer of Interstate. “Thirty billboards might make a difference.”

The slew of billboards reflects a sense of urgency as gun violence continues to claim lives.

Here’s contact information for Clear Channel Outdoors.  Here is the contact information for Interstate Outdoor Advertising.  Be sure to let them know you think if they are going to give free advertising space to gun control groups they should offer the same to gun rights organizations like the NRA Foundation.   Be sure to spread this around the forums too, we certainly want these two companies to feel the heat.

UPDATE: Bitter is looking for more ideas for billboard advertising.

15 thoughts on “Does the NRA Get a Free Billboard Too?”

  1. I would probably call the local businesses that advertise with them and tell them you won’t be using their products.

  2. Well, I was using this topic as an example of how we might seek ideas to get people involved, not specifically billboard ideas.

    Although, if anyone has brilliant billboard ideas, and we could talk them into donating something, feel free to share.

  3. I doubt it’s “free.” Look through a who is who of the people behind MAG and I’m sure you will find a bunch of wealthy, politically connected people behind this. The story mentions Mayor Nutter supports MAG. Look to see if Clear Channel and Interstate Outdoors does business either with the city and/or state and if they need regulatory approval or are looking for public contracts or anything like that.

  4. I wouldn’t doubt it Jacob. That city is thoroughly corrupt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Clear Channel and Interstate are doing this in exchange for “good relations” with the people who zone their advertising.

  5. Jacob, we’re clearly aware of political connections and the like. However, it is free in the sense that they don’t have to spend money on it. The billboard companies likely get to write it off as a donation, since I’m sure that the group incorporated as a (c)3 even though they probably cross the threshold of political activity. Actually, their mere mention of election goals may well put them at risk. Of course, it’s always hard to tell when reporters try to translate.

  6. No shit. However, a tax writeoff is what economists like to call an incentive. If the group isn’t a (c)3, I doubt they would get 30 billboards. One or two, maybe. But not 30.

  7. Funny, because supporting the current hot-button agenda of the people you want to do business with is also an incentive.

  8. Who wants to run with this?

    To Dan: Thanks so much for your interest in the Public Service program at Clear Channel Outdoor. This program is for 50l(c)3 non-profit organizations, and
    limited to messages that are not of a controversial nature.

    I have attached some information sheets regarding our Public Service program.

    Please let me know when you’d like to begin a campaign, and I will be happy to check space availability for you. Please also send me a copy of your proposed artwork.

    Many thanks – please call me anytime with questions.

    Anne Riney, Public Affairs
    Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc.
    19320 Harborgate Way
    Torrance, CA 90501
    310.755.7212 Ph
    310.755.7355 Fx
    From: Webmaster – Clear Channel Outdoor
    Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 10:38 AM
    To: ‘’
    Subject: FW: Information request from the CCO Website by Dan

    Thanks for your interest in Clear Channel Outdoor, I am forwarding your email on to the appropriate persons. Someone will be contacting you soon.


    Russ Mason
    Corporate Director of Digital Services

    Clear Channel Outdoor – Los Angeles
    19320 Harborgate Way Torrance, CA 90501
    (310) 755-7260 PH (310) 755-7300 FX
    LEGAL NOTICE: Unless expressly stated otherwise, this message is confidential and may be privileged. It is intended for the addressee only. Access to this e-mail by anyone else is unauthorized. If you are not an addressee, any disclosure or copying of the contents of this e-mail or any action taken (or not taken) in reliance on it is unauthorized and may be unlawful. If you are not an addressee, please inform the sender immediately.

    From: []
    Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 7:52 AM
    To: Webmaster – Clear Channel Outdoor
    Cc: Rowell, Robin
    Subject: Information request from the CCO Website by Dan

    The following person has requested information via the Clear Channel Outdoor website:
    Ticket No: 22828
    Requestor’s Name: Dan
    User’s Area of Interest: All surrounding areas
    User’s Location: Oceanside, CA, USA
    Company Name:
    Regarding: Advertising Product or Rate Inquiry
    Message: I have a message that I’d like to share with society. It’s one that I think we could all benefit from. It’s that guns are ok. They help save lives and protect the good guys from the bad guys. I believe this is a public service announcement. Can I get thirty free billboard spaces for 30 days each to spread this message? Maybe you can give them to a bigger name than just me…the NRA.

  9. Wait a second….. “limited to messages that are not of a controversial nature.” What about their MAG boards???

  10. Not of a controversial nature? I believe this supports my supposition that this is all politically motivated.

  11. FYI: Here’s my response to them

    “I see that we would be limited to messages that are not of a controversial nature. How is what is controversial decided? I just saw a billboard for Moms Against Guns. Story Here [i linked the Philly News article with the picture] I’d say that’s pretty controversial. So, I’d just like to be able to show the other side of that…which is that guns save lives. They are sometimes wielded by moms who wish to protect their children from harm-doers. I am hoping we can get somewhere. “

  12. I contacted both of these outfits to ask if free space was going to be provided to the Pennsylvania Association of Firearms Owners or the NRA. Moreover PFOA is on the case and have links to this site. I would also suggest getting word out to and you’ll get gunowners all over the country to respond to this nonsense. Clear Chanel is everywhere as I see their stuff all over the Sacramento, CA area. Let’s concentrate our fire.

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