Law Abiding Car Owner

We have a case of another law abiding car owner that the American Automobile Association likes to tell us are the type of people who want to own and drive cars:

Colarulo says that just before 1am Wednesday morning, 19-year-old Shawn Bender rammed his Chrysler into another vehicle on the southbound outer lanes of the Boulevard, near Adams Avenue, forcing that car into a concrete barricade, killing a 17-year-old man who was in the car and leaving the other three people in that car — including Bender’s own 12-month-old daughter and the baby’s mother — in critical condition:

“He was ramming the vehicle to the point where he was striking the vehicle numerous times and the vehicle was forced into a brick wall. And that’s what caused the injuries and the fatality at this point.”

Sadly, the child died.  More children are killed by car misuse than any other cause of death.  When will we realize that the only way we can prevent such tragedy is by restricting access to automobiles?

8 thoughts on “Law Abiding Car Owner”

  1. Saw that one on – that’s a maddening story. It’s almost as if we should consider licensing, registration, and testing before you’re able to drive a vehicle.

  2. Pretty clearly that is not enough. People still misuse automobiles every day. At the very least we should limit the speed of cars, and their weight, so that tragedies like this would not be as lethal.

  3. Good point. Throw in a seat belt requirement and yearly state inspections, too. Maybe minimum driving requirements?

    Seat belt bill has gone down in flames here in NH a few times. They did pass the whole texting ban. Do they have the whole hands-free cell-use thing going in PA? I know they do in Jersey. Actually, I don’t think you’re permitted to speak or listen to the radio while driving in Jersey. Unless you have an elected official in your passenger seat, of course. Heh.

  4. I propose that we institute a waiting period on car purchases. Who knows when someone has vehicular homocide on their minds, right?

    How about a limit on the number of vehicles one can possess? After all, those emissions are just a weapon of mass destruction. They’re warming the earth & causing mass murder, right?

    If your car is stolen, you better report it within 24 hours or you’ll be charged with a crime. Who knows if that car will be used in a drive-by or some kind of heist, right?

    They need a database for tire tracks too. You should have to register any new tires with your VIN. That way if your car is used to commit a crime, they can check if the tire tracks belong to your car, right?

  5. Well, you know, the auto industry has been pushing these ultra compact cars that are so hard to see in parking spaces, it’s just an accident waiting to happen!

  6. Guys, it’s so simple—just sue the automobile manufacturers out of business for marketing a dangerous/defective product. I can’t believe you missed this…
    Also, we need to sue the car dealers for irresponsibly plying their deadly trade to alcoholics, getaway drivers, and people with anger-management issues. Not to mention glamorizing the lethal menace to CHILDREN…**shudder**

    Seriously, though… what do you think would happen to the firearms industry if it had even ONE major recall because of a defect? How many recalls have been effected by auto manufacturers through the years?

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