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I thought it would be a good idea to get a list of participants in the league, so I could get an idea of how many participants we might have.  But don’t worry, you can still shoot a match without signing up, and if you do sign up, and don’t have time to shoot the match, no worries.  There’s always next season.  If we get a scan or legible photo of a target, we’ll include you.  But I thought it might be worthwhile to make a home page for the league, and list folks who are interested in participating, complete with a link to their blog.

I ask that if you’re interested, you leave me a comment with a valid e-mail and URL, and I’ll sign you up.  Don’t worry about the e-mail, it doesn’t get displayed, but I might set up a mailing list for reminders and news on an occasional basis.  If you have a blog, I’ll link you on the league page.  If you don’t have a blog, no problem.  We’ll just list whatever name or alias you want to use.

I think I’ve decided that match rules aren’t set in stone from match to match.  As people get better, and we get an idea where people’s skills are, I’ll be open to creating different classifications to cater to more expert shooters.  But in the beginning, I’m going to keep things simple just to see where we end up.  I do want to keep things constant enough for these matches, so people can track how they improve from match to match, but I am open to mixing things up a bit.  I already have an idea for a fun contest for the fall match.

Don’t be shy about signing up.  Even if you don’t think you’re a very good shot, I can promise you, there will be others like you.  I myself do not claim to be an expert marksman.  The best way to improve is to get out there and do it, as much as you can.  Improvement is sure to come.

I will be creating the league page, which will include the details of the first match, as soon as I feel I have enough participants.  The match will end September 21st at midnight.  I’ll continue hosting matches once per season, as long as there’s interest.

25 thoughts on “Sign Up for the Gun Blog Rifle League”

  1. Yup… I’m in.
    Thinking about going to practice today…. If I make it, I’ll post the results.
    I don’t expect serious goodness… It’s been a while since I fired positions.

  2. I’m in.

    Suggestion…considering the style of shooting you’re talking about, some links to sites with information on High Powered Rifle and Three Position small bore techniques and pointers might be a good idea for people who’ve never tried the style before.

  3. Here is the NRA high power (centerfire) rulebook, and here’s the smallbore one. They’ll cure insomnia.

    Here’s the NRA’s intro to high power is here.

    And the smallbore one is here:, but it’s not very helpful.

    The standing position–dense, but helpful

    The positions for high power, with pictures: (you might have to join to see the pictures)

    Smallbore info: intro –
    (standing is a couple links higher)

  4. Sign me up, especially since it’s not mandatory. I might be able to get to the range sometime or at least a 100 yard place to shoot.

  5. definately interested. will a ruger 22/45 with a red dot sight be elligible??
    looking for other ways to have fun with it. My brother in atlanta has the same rig and we may sign him up also


    this is one mess we can’t drill outselves out of…..My Dentist says…

  6. I have a range where I can only stand up (and I don’t know any places where kneeling or laying down is acceptable…if someone in the Memphis area could point me to a place where this could be taken care of, let me know), but I’d like to do this, small-bore.

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