Crack Down on Rapid Fire Ammo

I’m not really sure what rapid fire ammo is, but at least one New York newspaper talks about the drive to ban it. Maybe you could make the primers ignite a little slower, maybe. Or use a slow burning powder.
UPDATE: Looks like they’ve changed the headline. I am happy to help out. My editing fee is not steep. Please see the side bar for billing inquiries.

10 thoughts on “Crack Down on Rapid Fire Ammo”

  1. “How many mass shootings will it take for Congress to protect us?”

    How many mass shootings will it take for you to protect yourself Ma’am?

  2. Coming soon… bans on smokeless powder, since it is just a “visual suppressor” and no one needs to have hide if they are hunting or shooting in self-defense. (never mind that the bad guy(s) might be better able to shoot you if they see a huge white cloud).

    On the flip side, who wouldn’t want to have pistola shoot out clouds of smoke that look like rainbows at the range. It would be like a very loud miniature unicorn.

  3. Maybe there should be a ban on High Speed Newspapers! They should be restricted to one article per month. That seems like a reasonable restriction.

  4. Maybe if everyone went back to 56k modems and slowed down the Internet to 1999 speeds the world would be a better place.

  5. Maybe we need to regulate rapid fire trigger fingers? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  6. It’s always amusing–to the point of annoyance–when someone gets shot in a gun-controlled setting, and then demands that it’s because there weren’t enough gun laws to prevent the shooting.

    This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine!

  7. You are mixing them up Reputo: Black powder is generally slower burning than smokeless, although I suppose it is possible that FFFFg black powder is faster burning than the slowest smokeless powders. I wouldn’t bet money on it, though.

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