Chris Carney Joins Second Amendment Caucus

It would appear folks in the tenth congressional district have elected my kind of Democrat:

“As an avid sportsman, I value the time I spend taking my own children hunting. As a Member of Congress, I know that we must fight to preserve the Constitutional right for individual citizens to keep and bear arms. Hunting and shooting sports are valued traditions in Pennsylvania, and I will always fight to protect the Constitutional right to bear arms,” said Congressman Carney.

The Second Amendment Caucus is opposed to the banning of firearms, their accessories, their manufacture and their importation, and recognizes the right of lawful citizens to carry a weapon both at home and while traveling the nation.

“I have been vigilant to the assaults hurled upon the Second Amendment during my time in office and I joined the caucus to continue the fight,” continued Carney. “The Constitution is clear on this—Americans have the right to bear arms, and I will fight to protect it.”

Good.  Via SayUncle 

10 Responses to “Chris Carney Joins Second Amendment Caucus”

  1. VariableFeedback says:

    Now if only we could elect a pro-gun rights representative here in the 8th.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Which district is that?

  3. VariableFeedback says:

    Bucks county, and small parts of Montco. and Northeast Philadelphia.

    Have to love the gerrymandering of the Philly part:

  4. Ace says:

    Now why can’t we get one of them here in Kalifornistan?

    (grumble grumble grumble)

  5. Sebastian says:

    Isn’t Pat Murphy a CCW holder? Is he anti-gun? I know Greenwood was pretty bad.

  6. VariableFeedback says:

    I should withdraw my earlier criticism of Rep Murphy. You’re correct, Sebastian, it appears that he is a LCTF holder. However, I forget if it is Diane Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi, but I believe that one of those two is also a CCW permit holder, so that fact alone that he (Murphy) holds a permit does not make him a pro-gun rights politician. He may not be an anti-gunner, which is better than Greenwood, and may be better that Fitzpatrick was, but to me, at least, it remains to be seen if he is pro-gun.

    I had seen a Patrick Murphy on the Brady Campaign board of directors but it very likely could be a different Murphy.

  7. Sebastian says:

    Different guy, I think.

  8. Regolith says:

    It’s great that he’s joined the 2nd Amendment Caucus, but he still doesn’t understand what the 2nd Amendment is for. Hint: It doesn’t involve hunting.

  9. straightarrow says:

    Feinstein and Boxer have CCW permits and if this next is true, I haven’t been able to corroborate it, but it has been reported that both have credentials as Auxiliary U.S. Marshalls so they can carry their firearms on commercial airliners.

    If anybody knows how to prove or disprove that last, now would be a good time.

  10. Sebastian says:

    That’s been a long running rumor about various people in Washington, as a way to allow them to carry in DC. I don’t know if it’s true or not.