Help Those Who Help You

SayUncle notices that some gun rights groups are going to be stacking up some serious legal bills, and encourages you to donate.  I couldn’t agree more.  Also, I would add to that list, the California Rifile and Pistol Association, who have joined NRA in the suit against San Francisco, which challenges the ban on firearms in Public Housing.

Interesting side note, the Plaintiff in the San Francisco case is a gay man who wants to be able to protect himself.  So much for the notion of us being a bunch of cousin humping, gay hating rednecks eh?

So pony up and donate some bucks, or join these fine organizations.  The outcome of all this will depend on hiring the very best attorneys, and that’s often not a cheap proposition.

UPDATE: See this bit linked by Random Nuclear Strikes as well.

3 thoughts on “Help Those Who Help You”

  1. Lead-attorney-in-the-SF-gun-ban-case Chuck Michel lists the groups in the NRA’s California Coalition: “CRPA, CCRKBA, SAF (represented by Alan Gura), GOC, PP and reps from calguns…”

    and notes “any California donor making a donation to NRA-ILA, the NRA Civil Rghts Defense Fund (501(c)(3)), CRPA, or CRPA Foundation (501(c)(3)) can count on that money (and then some) being spent in California.”


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