What You Get for Your Dollars

As I know I’ve mentioned in the past, NRA members who live in solidly pro-gun media markets and political districts sometimes don’t get to see much of what happens to their donations to NRA-PVF. By request, here are two ads NRA is running in the Virginia gubernatorial race:



To keep these ads on the air, and to support other voter mobilization efforts, consider throwing a few bucks to the Political Victory Fund. Because of campaign finance laws, it’s not easy to post a direct link here. So instead login at and then a donate button will appear on the right-hand menu. All you need is your member number to log in, and a piece of plastic to donate online.

8 Responses to “What You Get for Your Dollars”

  1. Shawn says:

    You are correct about how people who live in solod pro-gun states don’t see as much progress unless its something on the federal level. In AZ the state is a solid pro-gun state the only exception is scottsdale whom have anti-gun members of the state house and senate but we have pre-emption so they can’t really do anything on a local level. And it isn’t like in PA where the govenor goes and does something that premption prohibits like your lost and stolen crap.

    Although because of our location we have enemies on all sides except to the East of us.

  2. JPD says:

    Thank you for posting these….In New York – due to a variety of factors – we never see the power of the PVF in the media….

    Go BOB Go!

  3. JD says:

    I donate to the PVF, I’m glad to see my $ going to good use.

  4. Brent G says:

    Thanks for posting this. Though I too live in a somewhat more pro-gun state, we rarely see these ads. Glad to see the money I have donated is put to good use. I hope the ads make the needle move!

  5. redwagon says:

    Interesting, here in New Jersey, the hypocrite Democrats, particulary Corzine, have tried to tie Christie in with the NRA. Though they have no problem with the ascension of Steve Sweeney to Senate President who has an “A” rating from the NRA.

    Senate President in New Jersey, up until this election where a lieutenant governor will be elected, is the next most powerful position behind the governor.

  6. TEX1N says:

    Don’t forget the radio ad’s! Here is a really good ad the NRA-PVF is running for “A+” rated Virginia Attorney General Candidate Ken Cuccinelli!

  7. mikeb302000 says:

    I loved that first add so much I’d vote for the guy myself.

  8. Christopher Fotos says:

    Wow. As a generally conservative guy who believes strongly in the Second Amendment and has had a concealed carry permit for six or seven years, that first ad is horrible. I positively will vote for McDonnell and am grateful I haven’t ever seen that nonsense on the air down here–though I live in Northern Va., I guess that would tend to air in rural Va. to fire up the base. There has to be a better way to do that than this kind of clumsy, confused stereotyping.

    Great blog, keep up the good work.