San Francisco’s Lone Gun Store Fights to Reopen.

High Bridge Arms is fighting for their right to reopen the only gun store in San Francisco. Temporarily closed after 50 years in business, Steve Alcairo is having to fight the North Bernal Alliance and three other neighborhood groups in an effort to reopen. Many in that group feel “a laundry or a wine and cheese shop” would be better.

2 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Lone Gun Store Fights to Reopen.”

  1. Way to go, Steve. If the store has been run well within the limits of the law, I think it is absolutely ridiculous that an alliance would be fighting against a permit for the gun store. Just to prove once again that some poor bastards think that firearms are the most dangerous things in America. Why not ban a car lot from opening? Or a convenience store that sells tobacco? Although these things both cause many more deaths and injuries in the United States, proplr continue to attack guns. People have a right to personal defense and shame on the Bernal Alliance and others.

  2. I’d frequent a “guns and cheese” shop. Pick up a few boxes of 9mm and a wedge of Swiss? Brilliant.

    Oh, that’s not what they meant?

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