Interesting Posters Appear in SF – update

The most interesting posters started appearing on certain bus stops throughout San Francisco on August 31st. Mind you, the San Francisco MTA has a policy against ads that “appear to promote the use of firearms.”

The posters were a joint effort of the Second Amendment Foundation and the CalGuns Foundation. More here and here. A clearer picture of the poster can be found here. The poster is an adaption of an earlier poster by Oleg Volk.

UPDATE:  According to a CBS News blog, the SFMTA is investigating whether the posters above should have been allowed to be posted at bus stops in the first place. The feeling I get from that report is that the MTA has been getting a lot of pressure from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to remove the ads.

If they remove them, Alan Gottlieb will be one happy man. He has vowed to sue if they are removed and it  sounds like he is just itching for the chance to sue SF on First Amendment grounds.

4 thoughts on “Interesting Posters Appear in SF – update”

  1. What an interesting turn of events. The Left has been all for “rights education” meaning encouraging all manner of lawsuits. Perhaps this poster passes scrutiny because it focuses on the right and perhaps because the MTA thought it might get sued for violating the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

  2. New York Times even covered this.

    So … who is the smart money on? Does SF have the good sense to leave sleeping dogs lie, and quietly change their advertising rules/bans?

    42 U.S.C. § 1988 must be seeming increasingly real to these hard-headed and cash-strapped municipalities.

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