3 thoughts on “Bias in the Media”

  1. Most big city mayors eventually are termed out. Many aspire to higher office. Rich Daley will never be termed out and is too ignorant to run for higher office. His legacy, if he’s lucky, will be to throw another election to the Democrats just like his daddy did in 1960. No wonder Nixon became so paranoid.

    I wonder what Rich will say when his gun bans are overturned and his murder rate drops? Duhhhhhhh, I dunno?

    Hey Rich, go back to doing what you do best, creating jaaahbs for Chicaaaaaaahgoans!

    The only good thing happening right now in Chicago is the Cubs and White Sox. If the Cubs win, there WILL be snowflakes in hell!

  2. Helmke now states that the Brady Bunch has been in the middle ground on the 2A issues????


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