Exactly Where We Want Them

This is not the reaction of a man who is at the top of his game.  This is the reaction of someone that’s losing and knows it:


Here’s what struck me:

“Any contribution helps to make a difference.  It allows us to defend the good laws that are on the books, and then we can start pushing for better laws in the future.”

Emphasis mine.  This is exactly where we want them.  They are on the defensive.  They are begging for money to defend the laws that are already out there, and maybe then, sometime in the future, they might be able to actually get some new laws passed.  They essentially admit there is no hope for that now.

This is not the time to let up.  This is not the time to become complacent.  We must send these people to join the Women’s Christian Temperence Union in the dungeon of political irrelevance.  That’s going to depend on making sure that 5-4 majority grows, rather than shrinks.  2008 is the most important election for gun rights in my lifetime.

Hat Tip to Jacob, for finding the video.

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  1. Adding comments has been disabled for this video.

    What if someone set up a mirror website that collected all the Brady’s online material and allowed people to post comment on it. It would have to be done very carefully to adhere to fair use.

    How would it affect the Google-Fu?

  2. Wow, Paul… I almost feel sorry for you, man. But not quite. Definitely not the time to let up. Push them into the dustbin of history.

  3. Empty rice bowl collects only tears…

    Chinese proverb..

    all yaneed is love and a .45

  4. Defend the laws on the books, eh? Good luck with that, Paulie-boy. That line ranks right up there with the part where he talks about how the donations help “deal with the Heller decision.”

    Here’s a newsflash, Brady Bunch: You can’t defend the laws that are on the books. You are wasting every dime you get, because the highest court in the land has spoken. I don’t really see SCOTUS holding a press conference, and Scalia getting on camera and saying, “Sorry, folks. We got it all wrong. It’s a collective right! Ban all the guns you want!”

    The only way the anti’s can deal with things now is just to flat DEAL WITH IT. They really thought that the Clinton Gun Ban was the last nail in the coffin. It wasn’t. It was the last straw.

    The pendulum’s coming back, anti’s. You’d better get ready. There’s finally gonna be (legal) guns all over D.C. and Chicago. Folks in San Fransisco projects will have guns, too. The states that don’t have CCW laws will. Texas will finally get open carry. Dogs will sleep with cats. It will be pandemonium.


  5. I would not be so certain we’re going to roll back gun control massively with Heller. It leaves much undecided, and that will have to be decided by a federal circuit court system that is very hostile to the idea of having guns. They will want to limit Heller as much as they can.

    Remember Lopez and Morrison, the interstate commerce cases that looked like it was going to start a revolution on restoring the commerce clause to its original meaning. The federal circuits interpreted it very narrowly, and the next step made its way to the US Supreme Court, the Court balked, and the revolution died.

    I’m not saying that will happen with the right to bear arms, but it could happen. We can’t get too cock sure of ourselves, because if Obama gets to stock the federal court with his people, we’re going to be fucked with a capital F.

  6. I’m ashamed of all the snobbery seen here. Obviously this “sniveling, twitchy, fearful little man” needs our help, and I’ll will answer that call.

    I have a number of Canadian pennies at home. I’m going to go home tonight and shoot one of them, dead center with a .22. I’m then going to mail that perforated Canadian cent to Paul and the gang, telling him there’s more where that came from.

    Come on guys, have a heart, I know you all have Canadian coins at home as well, in addition to plenty of ammo.

    Let’s all show our support.

  7. Just for the record, The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, while basically neutered years ago, IS STILL AROUND. .

    They have a web site that I will leave to the “interested” reader to find.

    The lesson here? We may be forcing the cockroaches and vermin out of the open, but they are always there, hiding in the woodwork, ready to issue forth again at the soonest opportuinty. . .

    We must remain: ETERNALLY VIGILANT

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