At Least They’re Honest

The Chicago Tribune says we would repeal the second amendment.   I propose we repeal the first amendment, but only as it applies to the Chicago Tribune!  Piss on my rights, I piss on yours.  It’s a simple equation.  We have to respect each others rights, otherwise this grand 232 year old experiment is finished.  Think about it.

Hat tip to Keyboard and a .45

7 Responses to “At Least They’re Honest”

  1. mike w. says:

    Of course they conveniently ignore the fact that repealing it doesn’t make it go away anymore than repealing the rest of the Bill of Rights would allow the government to kick in my door and rob, beat, imprison and torture me with impunity.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Well, in my mind, if they do that, that’s when you exercise your right to turn the ammunition in first.

  3. Yep. Go ahead. Get your two thirds of both houses of Congress, and thirty-eight state legislatures.

    When you’ve done all that, you’ll still have to Come and Take Them.

  4. JJR says:

    It was gratifying to read the comments over there and how 99.9% of them, even from native Chicagoans, were decidedly pro-Heller, pro-RKBA.

  5. jones says:

    Be nice to the dinosaurs. They are being extirpated.

    I only wish I hadn’t canceled my subscription so I could cancel it again.

  6. Ted says:

    I left a comment (we’ll see if they post it) along the lines of “I heard someone say you wanted to repeal the 2A. I didn’t believe it – who knew that the Chicago Tribune hadn’t gone out of business?”

    Jones, I know how you feel (we canceled the Boston Globe). It’s so bad, they didn’t even ask why.

  7. We dropped the Cleveland Plain Dealer this week.