My Beer Fridge Doesn’t Do This!

This is very cool.   Unfortunately, it means you have to drink beer from a can, which is sacrilege.   Beer is properly drunk from a glass, unless you’re a heathen.   I suppose it would be possible to construct a robot that would throw you a bottle, and a fresh glass, but failing to catch it could get rather messy.

6 thoughts on “My Beer Fridge Doesn’t Do This!”

  1. I don’t drink any more (no, that’s not the precursor to the old joke…I actually quit drinking alcohol for various reasons) but when I did, I refused to drink canned beer. It always tasted like aluminum to me. Perhaps my imagination, but it was real enough for me.

    Even with that said though, I generally drank out of bottles rather than pouring into glasses because for some reason, I seemed to drink faster when drinking from a glass. Perhaps the restriction of the neck of the bottle slowed me down? I don’t know but I just got too tipsy too fast drinking from a glass so, unless drinking keg beer, I drank it straight from the bottle.

    Don’t really know why I felt that was important enough to share, it just struck me when I read your post.

  2. A recirculating pump, a little insulated pipe, and you could put the tap in hte arm of your chair.

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