Drink to Failure

I’ve thought up a way to celebrate the failure of our jihadist friends, thanks to their own incompetence, combined with quick effort on the part of Glasgow firefighters.   Sure, we can fight the terrorists, but it’s good to make fun of them too.  And what better way to do that this July fourth, than with a stiff drink.  This one is named in their honor:

“Flaming Jihadist”

  1. Take one British style pub glass.  Substitute any wide mouth glass if you don’t have one.
  2. Fill glass part way up with some McEwans Scotch Ale, such that when a shot glass is dropped in the glass, it almost but doesn’t quite come over the top of it.
  3. Fill a shot glass with Johnny Walker, or other blended scotch.  Using a single malt for this makes you an infidel.
  4. Light the shot glass on fire and drop it in the pint glass
  5. Say in the best GroundsKeeper Willie voice you can muster “May ye burn in hell”
  6. Drink the beverage such that you don’t burn yourself.   The ale should extinguish the flames.

I won’t be held responsible for any mishaps.   Drinking flaming beverages, of course, is dangerous, and probably stupid.   If you are a jihadist yourself, you should remember that you are forbidden from drinking alcohol, and instead I should suggest pouring the bottle of Johnny Walker on yourself, and having a smoke.   It’s the only Allah approved method for enjoying the drink.

2 thoughts on “Drink to Failure”

  1. Interesting…

    I was thinking of pressurizing a keg with hydrogen, then lighting the foam on fire… it’d be entertaining if nothing else.

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