Dipshits from Our Side

The Virginia Gun Owners Coalition, has a different take on Heller.   Let me take the chance to just throw this out there: these guys are a bunch of angry fucking idiots, and basically aren’t helping the cause one god damned bit. Got that?

This is a triumphant day.  A key argument of the anti-gunners, which is that the second amendment does not protect any right is now history.  The Court has left the door open for other battles.

Also, I have to ponder about the dichotimty of criticizing the National Rifle Assocation for trying to derail the case in the first place, and then criticizing them for the result.  Pick one or the other guys, or I’m just going to conclude you’re just out to piss on everything, and I’m fucking tired of it.

And whether they want to admit it or not, if it weren’t for the election of George W. Bush, we would not have any victory here.  We’d now be facing the second amendment being effectively gone.  George W. Bush, who endorsed renewing the assault weapons ban upon his election.  George W. Bush, who’s solicitor general argued against us.  George W. Bush, who nominated Maximum Mike Suillivan to be head of ATF, and has stood by him throughout everything.  This goes to show how history can act through imperfect men.  Because when it came down to what’s really important, Bush was good enough.  Really two Bushes were good enough if you consider Clarence Thomas.

That’s what a lot of gun rights activists fail to understand, and fail to appreciate, and why I’m suggesting we elect another imperfect candidate to succeeed George W. Bush, in the form of John McCain, because we simply can’t afford Barack Hussein Obama appointing the next several justices.  We know that Obama will nominate justices who would be willing to overturn Heller.  That’s not even a debate; he will do it.

So bitch and moan things didn’t go 100% your way.  I’m tired of being angry.  It’s time to cut that crap out and make a difference.

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  1. VCDL does not endorse the VGOC in any way. You will not even find them in the thorough list of links on our blog’s sidebar. They have actively campaigned against us in the past and have shown no efforts towards reconciliation, despite the enormous gains we have made here in the Commonwealth.

    Our methods work. Their’s do not. Yes, we are friendly towards politicians who are friendly towards us. We have some great allies in Richmond. Our PAC holds their feet to the fire and we collect surveys every election cycle sent out to each and every candidate that document promised positions if elected.

    Our goal is simple and clear cut. We stamp out gun control in every form in every corner of the State, but we do so through the political infrastructure as it exists. We can’t make a touchdown everytime but we accept two yard gains on second down. We are tenacious, but we are patient and realistic.

    Thanks for your many endorsements.

  2. what’s not accurate in this statement?

    ” the court affirmed a gun right that they intend to strangle into oblivion. The court said you can own a gun but lawmakers can infringe it to death. The George Bush “Conservative” Court has erased the phrase “NO INFRINGEMENT” from the 2nd Amendment. The Court is giving an open invitation to left-wing gun grabbers to wage open political warfare on gun owners.”

  3. Because the court said no such thing. The only thing the court pretty strongly indicated were off the table was laws regarding felons, the mentally ill, and certain time/place restrictions on carrying of arms, without going much beyond schools and government buildings that might be “sensitive”. They also indicated they’d uphold commercial regulations on firearms, though they didn’t go into any detail as to what kind of commercial regulations would be acceptable.

    The court left most everything on the table for us to challenge at a later date, and took the entire collective rights nonsense off the table. To argue that it’s anything other than a victory is just, to be blunt, fucking crazy.

    I would have been happy if Scalia had come out and ruled “machine guns for everyone” but we knew that wasn’t going to happen. This didn’t take much off the table for us, but it took a lot off the table for the other side.

  4. Strange, their post seems to have been renumbered. Might it have been edited? (But it still seems as crazy as before.)

    The original version is still in Google’s cache, however.

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