Open Carry in Wisconsin

If you open carry in Wisconsin, and have been harassed as a result of it, Milwaukee magazine is looking to do a story on this.  I would be very careful talking to the press.  In fact, this is something where state leaders in the movement really need to step up and make sure the media is getting the right message, and coaching people on how to deal with them.  Treating the media like friends of gun owners can turn into an embarassing mistake very quickly.

3 thoughts on “Open Carry in Wisconsin”

  1. Good grief – the media is just doing a story and unless you get your side in, it does not get in – I have never had bad publicity from dealing with the media – gun rights leaders in Wisconsin need to stop telling people to be scared of their shadow.

    Get the story out! Let’s roll!

    Mike Stollenwerk

  2. I’m not suggesting that open carry activists in WI not get their side of the story out, I’m suggesting that you need to be careful about what is said to the media. I’ve heard of way too many cases where the media approaches gun owners in a friendly manner, only to snip bits and pieces out in order to make an effective hit piece.

    I’m not suggesting anyone remain silent, I’m suggesting being smart about how we speak to the non-gun owning public.

  3. I am still looking for people who are willing to share their open carry stories. I hadn’t realized until today that this story had gone beyond

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