Mexico Wants Stricter US Gun Laws

Mexico is agitating for more strict gun laws according to Jeff Soyer. The funny thing is, the Mexican Constitution is modeled after the US constitution, complete with their own right to bear arms provision:

Article 10 – The inhabitants of the United Mexican States have the right to possess arms, in their residences, for their security and legitimate defense with the exception of those prohibited by federal law, and those reserved for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard. Federal law will determine the cases, conditions, requisites, and places in which the bearing of arms by inhabitants will be authorized.

Of course, Mexican federal law pretty much prohibits everything. But surely this has to mean something, and doesn’t grant the Mexican federal government blanket powers to ban all firearms? Maybe Mexico should start respecting their own laws first, before they start asking other people to change theirs.

4 thoughts on “Mexico Wants Stricter US Gun Laws”

  1. Their so called “2A” leaves a lot to be desired, as it is carte blanche for the Mexican gov’t to ban anything they feel like. But th worst of this is, in spite oftheir ban, they have a vicious, gun-totin’, criminal element that they need t deal with first, before they even think about talking tous about our “gun problem”! Hypocrites all!

  2. The Meixcan government in this case shares something with the Philadelphia City Government. It’s easier to point the finger at the other guy that it is to admit you have a problem and to do something about it. I suspect it’s why gun control is the meme that just won’t die. It affords weak individuals of all stripes a means to bypass reality, and focus their sense of fear and helplessness on something tangable; the gun. In the case of Mexico, and other governments, it’s also a convienent and easy way to feed the same meme in your own country, while bashing America at the same time. It’s a great two for one deal!

  3. If the Mexican government thinks it is too easy for criminals to move things across the border and the United States, maybe they should just build a fence along the border.

  4. A little off topic, but this reminds me, a common internet annoyance is people calling Americans “USians”. Quite frankly, I find this offensive. However, since Mexico’s official names is United Mexican States, we should all call them “UMSians”. And we should do this for every country instead of using their vernacular name.

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