Blue Trail Range in Trouble Again

This time DiNatale, the developer who has been trying to gt Blue Trail shut down for a while now, is using the lead issue to try to get his way:

Tests commissioned by a Durham man who is suing the Blue Trail firing range in Wallingford show high concentrations of lead from bullets on land near the Ulbrich Reservoir opposite the range, and elevated levels in the sediment at the water’s edge.

Blue Trail and the town will be allowed to do their own tests.  Generally speaking, elemental lead is fairly imobile in soil, and not all that hazardous.  But it some soils, the lead can become more mobile.  This is going to continue to be an issue for commercial ranges, clubs, and public ranges as time wears on.

One thought on “Blue Trail Range in Trouble Again”

  1. Pat just keeps throwing crap at the wall in the hopes something will stick. I was about to say just like all the other anti-gunners, except Pat isn’t anti at all. He’s a hunter and a firearm owner himself. He’s even worse then an anti because his sole motivation here is greed.

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