Training on Public Ranges

When the Balloon Goes Up has some tips on how to train on public ranges, which often don’t allow draw from holster, or appreciate you getting all IDPA on them. I’m fortunate that my two local commercial ranges, Classic Pistol in Southampton, and Ready Aim Fire in Bristol, both allow shoot from holster. When I go to the range I’m primarily interested in checking that my magazines feed cleanly from full to empty, something I can’t do at my club because of its strange rule limiting shooters to no more than five rounds in a magazine. I’m also interested in timing draw to well aimed fire. For that, there are several timers available for iPhone. Sometimes they don’t work on a crowded range, but often I’ve managed to get the sensitivity high enough it’ll only trip on my own gun.

2 thoughts on “Training on Public Ranges”

  1. Or, you can join a club that supports IDPA/USPSA. That’s what I did. Sure, it’s a 50 minute drive to the club, but, I’m also going there and making a day of it.

    My local club was very much a gun culture 1.0 club that gave you nasty looks if you had a scary black rifle or semi auto pistol.

  2. RAF is probably one of my “local” non-club ranges. Google says it’s no farther for me than either of the Lakewood NJ places (Shore Shot and Brick Armory). One of these days I’ll have to check it out – though probably not for a long while.

    Also want to check out the new range in Easton, who specifically advertise that they have a “tactical” range

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