Guns Magazine AOW

SayUncle discovered Guns Magazine were mistakenly making an AOW:

On page 58, is a similar pic with a note that says something like equipped with a surefire flashlight and forward grip, it makes a fine home defense weapon. Trouble is that ATF holds that attaching a vertical forward grip to a pistol makes the pistol an Any Other Weapon (AOW). The manufacture of an AOW (which you would do simply by putting a foreward grip on a pistol) requires payment for a $200 tax stamp and an extensive background check.

It goes to show how easy it is to violate federal firearms law.  We’re often told that gun control doesn’t affect ordinary gun owners, only criminals and nutjobs.  Well, sorry, that’s bullshit.  It’s easy to become a felon in this hobby if you don’t know what you’re doing.  And when I say don’t know what you’re doing, I mean that you have a better knowledge of the laws in this area than the average lawyer.  That’s a tall order for any hobby, and I can’t think of too many others that are the legal minefield ours is.

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  1. I have heard warnings about having 2 short barrel (or pistol) uppers with only one SBR/pistol lower if you have other rifle lowers, because the extra upper *could* be used to make an unregistered SBR. I don’t know that anyone has actually gotten arrested/prosecuted on that, but talk about a legal minefield.

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