Sullivan Act in Peril

Jacob looks at the New York Sun’s post which suggests that New York’s gun laws could come under fire as a result of Heller.  Any bets as to whether any case filed in New York ends up before Weinstein?  Think he’ll care about Heller?  Fortunately, the second circuit will, no doubt.

7 thoughts on “Sullivan Act in Peril”

  1. Hmmm, getting Weinstein as the judge could mean the fast track to an appeal that would effect the entire circuit court.

  2. There is always the question of incorporation to the states, which most experts seem to think will not be addressed in the Heller opinion. So this could become the next case that gets taken to SCOTUS, or possibly Chicago’s ban.

  3. the Cato institute has already said that they are going to file a case against the Sullivan Act on the same day that the favorable ruling in Heller comes out…

  4. You do not understand. Whether Cato is involved or not a Heller RKBA ruling will trigger multiple lawsuits by NYC residents against the NYPD, NYS residents against their local licensing agents as well as against the NYPD for not validating their state pistol license so as to allow legal carry inside NYC, and by out of staters wanting to carry in NY. This will happen.

  5. I don’t think CATO has announced anything yet. They’re keeping their cards close to their vests, but I have read there are preparations to work on incorporation thru another lawsuit.

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