Off to Virginia

I’m off to Virginia. Taking the AR-15 and some pistols because I plan to shoot over this weekend. If anyone wants to go, I can go in Virginia or Maryland. I bought a few Maryland magazines (20 rds) to be legal there. Also, in honor of Governor Kaine, I’m taking far in excess of 377 rounds into the state.

3 thoughts on “Off to Virginia”

  1. I was thinking about skeet shooting Sunday morning, but I guess I’d be ok with trying to reduce my stash of 7.62×39 as well (too satisfy mt asshat Governor) and all.

  2. Ohhhh…that could be fun-ness. Shoot me an email or give me a call if you want to go. We were going to go to a place over in Maryland where I’ve shot before, but if you have other suggestions, let us know. Of course, we’re both still up for a beverage tonight if you are. :)

  3. Dude, you can have 30-rd magazines in MD, you just can’t try to sell them or buy them while in-state.


    VA person now stuck in MD.

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