The Reset Button

Kevin Baker talks again about the “reset” button.  I’ve said previously, any pressing of said button will have to be instigated by a state government, rather than through actions of individuals or groups of individuals.  That gets hard when states basically suckle at the federal teat, but I don’t see any other way to stand up to the federal government that won’t end badly.  We already have some examples of states willing to make token gestures.  The big problem is, we’re not losing our freedom by the guillotine, but by death of a thousand cuts.  It’s hard to convince other people that “This encroachment has to be it.  The line has been crossed.”

Personally, I don’t think we’re there yet, but I think it’s not unwise to whip up some resentment of federal meddling in matters they have no business in, within state legislatures.  What Oklahoma has done is a start.

UPDATE: Maybe we don’t have it so bad.

3 thoughts on “The Reset Button”

  1. If the reset button ever really gets pressed, it’ll be bad enough anyway that the entire govt. infrastucture’ll have to be rebuilt. There’s a reason it’s the reset button.

  2. It sure as hell won’t be pushed by any state government east of the Mississippi. I think the betting favorites would be one (or a group) of the following: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and maybe New Mexico. The Rocky Mountain states, more or less.

    California might inadvertently do it by trying to be their own country. I hear a lot of talk like that from the ex-pat Californians in my neighborhood.

  3. Have to agree with ” death by a thousand cuts ” comment. No country standing in recorded history is as strong as America and no country can conquer us with military might without self-annilation. But, I can see where we can be defeted by doing nothing but preaching to the choir and becoming another England, where our rights are taken away little by little because it’s in our best interest!

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