Collective Punishment in Seattle Update

Random Nuclear Strikes has an update to the crap that is happening in Seattle.  It looks like it will affect more than just city employees:

As it currently stands, it looks as though the EO will direct all city employees to demand that people legally carrying their concealed pistols on all city property to leave the property immediately. If the legally carrying person does not leave immediately, they will be charged by the City of Seattle with trespassing. It is a nice little dodge around the pre-emptive state laws, though it makes me sick to my stomach.

Well, if it’s concealed, they won’t exactly know will they?  It should be easy enough to challenge this in court.  It looks like more and more cities are considering state law on the matter of firearms regulation to be optional.

6 thoughts on “Collective Punishment in Seattle Update”

  1. Oregon is doing the same “trespassing” thing at the University system. It’s a pretty lame end-run on the state preemption. But there are plenty of people that carry on campus anyway.

  2. The logic of this is amazing.

    Staff: “Sir, are you carrying a gun?”

    Me: No answer.

    What are they going to do, charge me with not talking to a flunky?

  3. How will they know if you are carrying concealed? Nickels said it himself, he’ll introduce metal detectors and pat downs and entrances.

    If it ever gets that far, that’ll be fun to watch.

  4. Thanks, Sebastian.

    Tony, you won’t get the chance not to talk to a flunky. They’ve already got metal detectors in most city buildings, including city hall. The parks are getting cameras from the same company that contracts with London. The public square known as the Seattle Center, including the Pacific Science Center, the Space Needle and the the Monorail that Elvis made famous are all city property and entry/exit to them will be even more tightly controlled than they are now (more metal detectors staffed by police, etc).

    Image, being a resident of Seattle and going to renew your Concealed Pistol License and not being able to legally carry concealed while doing so.

    Myself, I just don’t go into Seattle. But you can’t let these things fester or they spread. Almost exactly like herpes, except without the fun part.

  5. Seems like this will get thorwn out by a judge. You can’t ban citizens from public property.

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