Audio Segment from This Morning

I have a copy of the audio segment where the mayor answers my question.  The question wasn’t submitted under my alias, so don’t listen for Sebastian :)  It starts right off with the gun issue.

3 Responses to “Audio Segment from This Morning”

  1. Another Gun Nut says:

    Love how mayor Nutter can keep it straight while contradicting himself from sentence to sentence.

    “No one should have a, uh.. assault type weapon..”
    “We’re not trying to interfere with, uh.. lawful gun owners..”

    He’s referring to the SKS used in the shooting of Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski by howard cain. Last I checked there were plenty of “legal gun owners” that own an “assault-type weapon”, much less a junk SKS.

    Who cares that cain has been convicted of multiple gun charges, robberies, and assaults. Legally, cain could not obtain the gun used in this crime, which didn’t stop him, but let’s pass some more gun laws anyway. (Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein)

    At least mayor Nutter got one thing right:
    “I’m very clear in my support and respect for the 2nd Ammendment”.
    CLEARLY it is on the same level as a wad of toilet paper to him.

  2. Allen says:

    So that was you? I heard that and was outraged.
    What a dick.

  3. Sebastian says:

    That was my real name, which shant be said here aloud, to keep the Google bots from getting any association ideas. I work in an area where guns are a working class thing, and wealthy educated elites frown on it. My job market also extends into large parts of New Jersey. My coworkers all know about my gun hobby, but I’ve been here 7 years. What I don’t want is some HR drone googling my name, coming up with all this gun shit, and shit canning my resume because “Well, he’d just shoot up the place.”


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