More BS From Philadelphia Media

Eric has a good post about the Philadelphia media trying to paint the rest of Pennsylvania as having a growing problem with “gun violence”, so they can help the city pass stricter gun laws at the state level. As I’ve said before, the rest of the state, without Philadelphia, has a lower crime rate than most of Western Europe.

He also calls out the Philadelphia media for ignoring this little fact:

As it turns out, the police made an arrest in the recent spate of Lancaster shootings. Despite yesterday’s front page story, the story appeared on page B-5. Little wonder, because you don’t have to be a gun-toting NRA maniac with a handlebar mustache to read between the lines and see that what’s being called small town gun violence isn’t necessarily as small townish as it appears. The arrested man was a career criminal from Philadelphia.

Philadelphia not being able to control it’s criminal problem is clearly starting to affect the rest of the state.  Before I agree to gun controls, I want to see Philadelphia institute criminal control.   Then we’ll see how the state’s crime is affected.