Drinking and Voting Don’t Mix

In New South Wales, they might be passing a law requiring legislators to be sober before voting.  We should do this here too.  It would keep Ted Kennedy from ever casting another vote as Senator.

Hat Tip to F&F

7 Responses to “Drinking and Voting Don’t Mix”

  1. This would be a big improvement for JC politics. But then again, it might hurt the local economy.

  2. Carteach0 says:

    It’s my understanding that most of our laws do not apply to our lawmakers, in reality if not in the writing. Has something changed?

  3. J. Dock says:

    I’m not sure Ted is going to be doing much of anything, if I understand his condition correctly.

  4. Dave says:

    I’ve been coming around to Michael Savage’s view that we should drug test all our elected officials. The practical problem is that our elected officials would have to be the ones to pass the law, so that won’t be happening.

  5. Guy J. Sagi says:

    Great comment Dave. My son works for a state agency and they get tested randomly–why not his “legislative” bosses?

  6. JJR says:

    Reminds me of the old SNL fake PSA sketch back in the 1970s warning citizens of the dangers of “drinking and voting”. They put up a picture of Jimmy Carter and with an ominously toned voiceover said “in 1976 drunken voters elected THIS man to the Presidency of the United States. Please, don’t let your friends drink and vote.”

  7. Indiana doesn’t allow bars or liquor stores to be open on Election Day. Some call it a blue law. I call it common sense.