Blacklash Against Toronto Mayor Miller

When you see pro-gun peices in the Canadian media, and editorials talking about the mayor being wrongheaded, it’s probably a good indication he’s stepped out of the mainstream, and into the fringe.  Note the indignation on the part of the olympic shooters?  Big city mayors are a gun rights activist best friend.  They pretty much prove for us that it ain’t going to stop with assault weapons, saturday night specials, or whatever the hell the anti-gun movement is talking about banning these days.  We have more shooters in America than they do in Canada, but that hasn’t stopped the same thing from happening in our cities.

4 thoughts on “Blacklash Against Toronto Mayor Miller”

  1. If you’re carrying an unloaded gun in a locked case, I wouldn’t consider you “armed”. This is one difference between me and gun-banners.

  2. From people like us, in the Great White North

    (Press release from the National Firearms Association of Canada)

    “…Basically what has just happened here is that Mayor David Miller is waving a white flag of surrender at the criminal gangs that will now take over the City of Toronto. By targeting law abiding Torontonians, he’s signalling to the gangs and the criminals that the heat is off of them, and is instead going to be directed at easier targets; those who actually comply with laws and respect them”

    Good stuff!

  3. Is a Blacklash the same as a licorice whip?

    Also peices is spelled pieces.

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