Bad Dealings in Nebraska

One type of mistake we can never afford to make as a movement is one where we let one group of shooters throw another group of shooters overboard.

Joe’s Crabby Shack has the latest on a bill being introduced in Nebraska that I think must be fought at all costs. They are apparently offering to trade an assault weapons ban for preemption, full reciprocity, and an elimination of the signage provisions.

I wouldn’t make that deal. Chances are, at some point, you’ll be able to get those CCW provisions anyway. It’s happened in a lot of other states that have passed CCW; it’s usually easy once you get the bill passed, and the sky doesn’t fall. You’re never going to repeal an assault weapons ban once it’s on the books. Never. It’s very very hard to get rid of legislation, even when most people would generally agree it’s worthless.

Be wary of these kinds of deals. It would be one thing to cut that if you have no hope of stopping the assault weapons ban, but I think Nebraska is in good enough shape that this ban, if introduced, can be outright defeated. It’s time for shooters in Nebraska to get organized. Make sure your memberships are up to date, and join your state organizations. You guys might be in for a bumpy ride. Just don’t get any ideas that throwing each other overboard is going to make it any smoother.

UPDATE: David highlights this too.   I would also point out that the fact that they are offering this deal up front, without backing gun owners up against a wall first, says they know this provision isn’t going very far without some kind of divide and conqueror strategy.  It speaks to the weakness of the anti-gun position.  If Nebraskans stick to their guns, there’s no reason they can’t defeat the assault weapons ban and get these promised CCW provisions.

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