Ask Mayor Squidward

Our local news radio station, KYW 1060AM is hosting a Q&A session tomorrow with Mayor Nutter, and they were nice enough to put a form online so we can submit questions.   Here’s mine:

Mr. Mayor, when you took office, you swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of this Commonwealth.  By restricting the rights of Philadelphians to own firearms for sport and protection, aren’t you violating that oath?

Go ask a question.  Can’t hurt.  Keep it short and polite, but tough.  I don’t expect they’ll ask the Mayor any pro-gun oriented questions, but let the media know that gun owners are out there.  Another one to think about asking him would be what an assault weapon is.  If you’re from the Philadelphia area, definitely make sure to get a question in.

2 thoughts on “Ask Mayor Squidward”

  1. Mine was, “Can you demonstrate one time or place, throughout all history, where the average person was made safer by restricting access to handheld weapons?”

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