2 thoughts on “Waters Getting Her Chavez On”

  1. Oh my… did she utter the word ‘socialize’ before stuttering and trying to correct herself?
    I miss the days when Hillary was talking up her ‘baby bond’ ideas…it’s so nice when they just come out and SAY they want socialism.
    If you want a socialist state, fine!! There are plenty of garden spots on this Earth that will accommodate you. I don’t begrudge you your choice, if you want it, it’s there for you.
    Me, I DON’T WANT SOCIALISM. I want the opportunity to be rewarded for working my butt off, and the consequence of ruin (or at least failure) for bad ideas. I LIKE the American system, and I plan to reside here for as long as it remains in effect. If you want Socialism, then go to an EXISTING socialist country, happy for you, but STOP trying to change what I love about America!!

  2. Wow, it used to be the Democrats tried to veil their socialist views, but this woman comes right out and uses the word “socialize.”

    I love how she stopped and thought “oh shit” after she uttered “socialize.” Going on and saying that the government should take over the oil companies didn’t help her “socialize” gaffe any.

    Look at gas prices in socialist countries that have exerted government control over the oil industries. Who’s paying higher prices?

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