Truthers at NRA Annual Meeting

This truther would later be tackled by police and dragged away in handcuffs for getting a bit to aggressive with Oliver North, and getting all “the man is keeping me down” when asked to leave.

I should note, that despite the fact that the guy has a media pass, he was not registered with the Second Amendment Blog Bash. We don’t know who he was or how he got a media pass. That was one of the reason we asked people to pre-register, so that random cranks couldn’t just show up claiming to be bloggers and get passes.

8 thoughts on “Truthers at NRA Annual Meeting”

  1. NRA had their own system of media credentials going on, so I can’t speak to it. All I know is that I had a list, I sent it to them for pre-registration, and they were not on it. :)

  2. I only saw one Ron Paul moonbat. It’s just that he kept coming in and harassing the same people with the same flyers.

  3. Yes, but did they get one press pass and share it over the course of the convention? Paul has previusly aligned himself with the “truthers.”

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