Truthers at NRA Annual Meeting

This truther would later be tackled by police and dragged away in handcuffs for getting a bit to aggressive with Oliver North, and getting all “the man is keeping me down” when asked to leave.

I should note, that despite the fact that the guy has a media pass, he was not registered with the Second Amendment Blog Bash. We don’t know who he was or how he got a media pass. That was one of the reason we asked people to pre-register, so that random cranks couldn’t just show up claiming to be bloggers and get passes.

8 Responses to “Truthers at NRA Annual Meeting”

  1. thirdpower says:

    He and his three friends were w/ “The Liberty Voice”. A truther online paper.

  2. SayUncle says:

    Well, I did lose one media pass.

  3. Sebastian says:

    I think if he had a pass that said SayUncle on it, I would have shit myself laughing.

  4. Bitter says:

    NRA had their own system of media credentials going on, so I can’t speak to it. All I know is that I had a list, I sent it to them for pre-registration, and they were not on it. :)

  5. Jacob says:

    Did he get in with the Ron Paul moonbats?

  6. Bitter says:

    I only saw one Ron Paul moonbat. It’s just that he kept coming in and harassing the same people with the same flyers.

  7. Jacob says:

    Yes, but did they get one press pass and share it over the course of the convention? Paul has previusly aligned himself with the “truthers.”

  8. thirdpower says:

    I know I saw at least two passes.