Gun Show Loophole Bill in Senate

Armed and Safe talks about a federal gun show bill. The Democrats aren’t going to touch this before the election, but it’s a good example of the types of bills that will await us if the Democrats manage to shore up their majority if Republicans decide to stay home in November.

5 thoughts on “Gun Show Loophole Bill in Senate”

  1. Concur about staying home. No matter what I decide to do about the top of the ticket (the two–like immigration policy and border security–are separate issues), I’m going to vote.

    There’s an outside (way outside, but hope springs eternal) shot that Cleveland city councilman Joe Cimperman can knock off Kucinich in the Democrat primary in the 10th District. If that happens, former state senator Jim Trakas, the likely winner in the GOP primary, could beat Cimperman. Trakas is less conservative overall than Jason Werner, his primary opponent, but Werner is kind of a squish on gun rights and I *think* Trakas supported the CCW bill while in office. I’ll have to check to make sure.

  2. With a Dem president the R’s will fight it. If McCain or Romney were president either of them would support it and the R’s would go along.

    We are in for a very dark time. Perhaps only lighted by the flashes of gunfire, I’m afraid. Sure hope not. But acceleration of rights abridgement attempts is increasing. Sadly, resistance to them is decreasing among our elected elite.

  3. “But acceleration of rights abridgement attempts is increasing.”

    Did I miss Brady II passing? No question things are still fraught – but watch the hyperbole… We can slip back, but I don’t think things are as grim as they were in, say 1993. And I for one don’t want to put back into power those people…

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