NRO Covers NRA Annual Meeting

I’ve never gotten the impression that National Review was all that enthusiastic about the Second Amendment. Not that they were against it, by any means, just that it wasn’t their thing. But gun owners generally fall right of center on the spectrum, and are an important part of the conservative coalition. I really, truly believe the right-of-center movement would be far better off today if they followed NRA’s model for change, took it seriously, and studied how NRA does things.

If there was anything about the Blog Bash this year that was I particularly proud of, it was to have Jim Geraghty as an attendee, representing his blog Campaign Spot . I was hoping he’d cover the convention on his blog, which he did, but we were delighted to see an article posted to National Review Online covering the speakers at the Annual Meeting.

As much as I’d love to take credit for getting Jim down there, that credit really has to go to Cam Edwards from NRA News, who frequently features Jim on his show as a guest. His sessions with Jim are among my favorite NRA News shows. It’s great to see a well-respected mainstream conservative publication, such as National Review, taking a look at what goes on an NRA’s Annual Meeting.

2 thoughts on “NRO Covers NRA Annual Meeting”

  1. Jim is a great guy and an hysterically funny, informative writer. I was also thrilled to see him covering the NRAAM.

  2. I love NR and NRO. I hope that we can get our issue fully under their tent- there’s a lot of intellectual firepower at the house that Buckley built. I wonder why it is that even conservative media like NRO, Fox, the WSJ, Weekly Standard, etc…rarely mention our issues, even though they’re obviously key to the GOP platform. I don’t really get that, though I have some theories.

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