Explosive Fun

Joe Huffman seems to be talking with Todd Jarrett about blowing up a car at future Boomershoot events.  What a shame there are boneheads out there who hate good clean fun with explosives.

UPDATE: Joe sent them a letter.  Good show.

5 Responses to “Explosive Fun”

  1. Joe Huffman says:

    I was unintentionally ambiguous. Jarrett thought Boomershoot was cool but wanted to blow up a car for his own purposes under different circumstances. Some sort of training/filming/hardware-testing thing.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Art Hutchinson says:

    My first and only trip to Knob Creek just filled me with awe. Nothing like a gun show with exploding cars, boats, and refridgerators as back ground music. I reccomend it to all males who liked to wreck havoc with their matchbox cars in the sand box…..I mean it…just what firecrackers were invented for..


  3. Bitter says:

    Glad to see just how far we’ve come on that “guns and explosions are for boys” attitude.

    A Feminist with Firearms

  4. Windy Wilson says:

    Excellent letter! all muscle, no fat, lays the argument out, gets to the point with zero wasted words.