5 thoughts on “Explosive Fun”

  1. I was unintentionally ambiguous. Jarrett thought Boomershoot was cool but wanted to blow up a car for his own purposes under different circumstances. Some sort of training/filming/hardware-testing thing.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  2. My first and only trip to Knob Creek just filled me with awe. Nothing like a gun show with exploding cars, boats, and refridgerators as back ground music. I reccomend it to all males who liked to wreck havoc with their matchbox cars in the sand box…..I mean it…just what firecrackers were invented for..


  3. Glad to see just how far we’ve come on that “guns and explosions are for boys” attitude.

    A Feminist with Firearms

  4. Excellent letter! all muscle, no fat, lays the argument out, gets to the point with zero wasted words.

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