Full Auto Day – Kriss Super V

There hasn’t been a truly innovative 45 caliber submachine gun produced, that can think of, since the Thompson. The folks at Transformational Defense Industries (TDI), have come up with a really novel one, that I just must own, but can’t, thanks to the Hughes Amendment.


That is slick. The idea is so simple, I can’t believe someone didn’t think if it before. But notice how the grip is raised above the barrel more than in a standard submachine gun. This seriously reduces recoil and muzzle climb and makes firing on full auto very controllable.

Here’s a video of it straight from SHOT 2007:



2 thoughts on “Full Auto Day – Kriss Super V”

  1. Hey,
    just letting you know, it’s not the location of the grip that diminishes the recoil but an innovative mechanism that takes the recoil back and drives a V type mechanism down in front of the grip. I know some of the guys making this but regretably, I haven’t had a chance to fire this bad boy yet but I want to.

    This is a picture of the internal mechanism on their site

    take care

  2. I haven’t had a chance to see one up close and personal either. I’d love to field strip one to see how it all worked. Surely it’s quite a neat design.

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