HR1022 Momentum

Keyboard and a .45 talks about the growing momentum of HR1022.  What we’re seeing here is that the gun hating faction of the Democratic party growing bolder, as polls show that the 2008 election is likely to be a bloodbath for Republicans.  While the national candidates are stilll pretending to be gun shy, a lot of anti-gun Democrats are feeling brave enough to “come out,” so to speak.

If we don’t halt the Democratic momentum this fall, we’re looking at dark days for our gun rights ahead.

One thought on “HR1022 Momentum”

  1. Just one more reason for gun owners to be active this election year. The gun haters are just waiting to add to their numbers in November. If that happens, a President Obama would sign any bill put on his desk and this time there would be no sunset provision on a semi-auto ban. Don’t get side tracked by Bob Barr getting in as a Libertarian. Only two people have a chance of getting elected – Juan McCain or whomever the Dems end up nominating. Between the Dem choices and Juan, I have to go with McCain because he has at least voted against the semi-auto ban twice and voted against the Brady bill. If we sit this one out, then what Cam Edwards said on his show the other night – that we have pro-gun majorities in Congress will no longer be the case.

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