Pretty Good Snubby Shooting

One of our IHMSA guys, who is pretty much a revolver shooter, likes to show up at our thursday indoor matches with an old S&W snubnose chambered in .22LR.  The barrel can’t be any longer than two or so inches, but he manages to shoot 20 credit card sized animals with it at 25 yards.  I scored a 25, but that was using a Ruger Mk.III with a 6 7/8 inch barrel riding below a red dot scope, and a custom Volquartsen trigger.  Pretty clearly I have room for improvement if I’m barely scoring higher than a guy shooting a snubby revolver with practically no sight radius.  But hey, I’m into the mid 20s.  A few weeks ago my goal was just to break 20.  Now I have my eye on breaking 30.  If I can score 25 outside consistently, my IHMSA classification will be AA.

One thought on “Pretty Good Snubby Shooting”

  1. I have been shooting S&W J-frame snubbies
    for about 30 years or so, and they are more
    accurate than most people would believe.
    Secret is to practice with them and be
    very consistant in your basics-grip, trigger finger,
    sight picture.
    I’m nearly 61, can still shoot my old .38 2″
    Chief Special better than most can shoot a
    target revolver.


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