Well, I finally joined IHMSA.  My rating, pretty much across the board, will be A, except for Big Bore, where I’ll get a B rating.  The only pistol I have that can shoot big bore is my Smith & Wesson 629, which not only is a bitch with recoil, you can’t taco grip a revolver.  I think, at this point, I will stick to field pistol with the 629.

A rating sounds good, until you realize it’s like baseball.  A is the lowest category of any consequence.  From there you go to AA and AAA, and if you’re really good, go into the top International Class.  From the rules, it looks like as soon as you shoot into another class, you get a leg up, which earns you a ‘+’ classification.  If you shoot into that class again, you then enter that class.

My goal now is to enter into AA class before the end of this season.  We’ll have to see if I can do it.  So far I am very happy with the Volquartsen Trigger Kit I put into my Mk.III. I managed to shoot 19 this time, which is better than I have been able to do previously, and I lost a few animals raising my sights too high on the turkeys and rams.  Live and learn.  Air pistol was a disappointing 13.  But airgun is harder than it looks.  It looks like it should be easy, because the animals are so close, but trying to hit 1/10th scale animals at 10 to 18 yards is harder than you might think.