When the Personal Becomes the Political

As much as Bryan Miller might want to use the death of a police officer as a segue into attacking one of his pro-gun commenters, I tend to find it to be as repugnant as what he accuses VeroFeritas of.  I’d rather not make a political issue of what happened to Bryan Miller’s brother, but I’m not the one who has done that.  It’s Bryan that has chosen to bring that personal tragedy into the public light and use it to promote a political position.  I’m not condeming that, because all sides of the debate do this.  It’s not just anti-gunners, we do this too.  But it seems to be rather disingenuous to bring your tragedy into the political area, and use it to stump for your position, while crying foul when others bring it up in support of a position in contra to yours.

But that’s not the real issue here, while I have no doubt that Mr. Miller’s sympathy for the family of Officer Liczbinski is genuine, I’m going to suggest that we not use this incident as political fodder for one position or another.  Let the family grieve.  There will be plenty of time to argue over the politics later.  At this point, the right thing to do is keep the Liczbinski family in our thoughts and prayers.