Muzzling Common Sense

I don’t want to muzzle common sense, but I can’t believe The Morning Call printed this drivel:

The colonists didn’t need a Second Amendment to possess guns. They had guns! In sparsely settled areas of Pennsylvania like Carbon County, they had to be ready for attacks from the native Americans. Settlers in Tamaqua and Lehigh Gap were killed. The Lehighton Cemetery bears witness to the massacre of 11 Moravian missionaries at their Gnaden Huetten settlement. Guns were needed for protection from the bears and the wolves. Sharpshooters provided wild game for much-needed protein for their families.

But, times have changed. Two hundred and sixteen years ago, there was not the terrible crime rate that exists today. Criminals, gang members and the mentally impaired can get their hands on a variety of weapons. Our society is burdened with too many sick individuals who do not value life. They will kill a human being as easily as they would swat a fly.

Let me get this straight.  We needed guns years ago to protect against all this violence, but today we don’t need guns because we have all this violence?  If this is the kinds of arguments that the gun control folks come up with, I’m feeling pretty good about the future of our second amendment rights.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is responsible for three sensible laws that shouldn’t be negated by the Supreme Court. The 1968 Gun Control Act lists the kind of individuals that should never be allowed to buy or own guns.

God damn.   It seems Paul Helmke has been time traveling around with Ronnie Barrett if The Brady Campaign is responsible for the Gun Contorl Act of 1968, which happened six years before the National Council to Ban Handguns was created, which became Handgun Control Inc. in 1980, and which finally became the Brady Campaign and Brady Center in 2001.  I’m an NRA member, and even I know more about Brady’s history than the clown who wrote this editorial.

The most sickening setback to gun control was the failure of Congress and President Bush to renew the ban on assault weapons. Now there are hundreds of ads for machine guns, large-capacity magazines, and ammunition on the Internet.

Really?  That’s funny, because the 1986 machine gun ban is still in full effect.  Not that the gun side doesn’t have our share of ignorant grass roots who can’t make a coherent and factual argument, but at least they aren’t writing editorials!  Time to send off a letter to the editor to expose this fraud.

3 thoughts on “Muzzling Common Sense”

  1. That clown also says:

    The Brady Campaign gives Pennsylvania a score of 26 out of 100 points. There is only one objective that this state completely complues with, The Child Safety Locks Law. It requires that such a lock be purchased with every gun. The problem: Gun owners are not required to use them.

    I guess the Brady Campaign is the absolute purveyor of truth about gun ownership in America and we’re all wrong.

  2. You know, emotional pants-shitting or not, it would be nice if they could get their facts in order and use proper terminology once in a while… But, made-up words, emotionally-laden phrases, and not-so-clever misdirections work so much better, I suppose.

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