Interesting Tequila Gun Fact

SayUncle’s link to to the Tequila gun made me remember something interesting.  A buddy of mine works for a firm that makes airline security scanners.  Their scanner was based on new technology that examined shapes present within luggage in order to find firearms.  They were testing it in a live airport when someone went through the machine with one of these and it flagged it as a firearm.  As far as I know these scanners aren’t in widespread use yet, but you might want to be careful about flying with one of these.

5 thoughts on “Interesting Tequila Gun Fact”

  1. Not sure “illegal” is the right word. Seems the screeners can confiscate anything that even remotely resembles a weapon. A couple examples immediately jump to mind:
    * Joe Foss’ Medal of Honor
    * NRA member’s commerative silver bullet (hole drilled through case and on a key change).
    * Wasn’t there a lil tyke that had his action figures’s small plastic gun confiscated?

  2. A few years ago, one screener confiscated an NRA “Silver Bullet” keychain fob because it “looked” threatening

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