Ghost of Clinton

Under Bill Clinton’s administration, NICS records were being illegally kept by the FBI.  This practice was ended under the Bush administration.  Frank Lautenberg, the senator from the state that has pretty much killed lawful gun ownership, wants to let the FBI keep those records for six months.  Ten years if you’re on the terrorist watch list.

2 thoughts on “Ghost of Clinton”

  1. Bush may have made noises like he ordered the NICS records destroyed but I don’t believe it actually happened. Remember, he said he’d sign an AWB if it reached his desk, did sign that 1A abomination, McCainFeingold, and is widely quoted as saying the Constitution is “just a [G.D.] piece of paper”.

  2. If he’s not doing it, he’s breaking the law. Congress has demanded they be destroyed in 24 hours through appropriations riders.

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